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E-Commerce is no longer an option, it is your customer's expectation.

Easily add a new online sales channel to your existing website with Builder FLASH's E-Comm Add-on. We set you up on our managed platform where you will have your own branded space with your own product pages linked to your existing website URL.  We can even tie into your current ERP or CRM system so you can keep track of online and in-house inventory.


We Do The Set-up and Processing For You  

We manage everything from uploading products to processing orders and payments to new sale notification. You simply fulfill the orders.  It is a perfect way to start selling online if you don't have the people or the time to manage an online sales channel.

Your Time. Your Money.

With a low monthly set fee and no long term commitments you can plan and manage your online sales based on what's best for your company's business model and budget.  

Security Is Priority #1

We built our e-comm add-on using one of the most secure e-commerce platforms available today.  We provide bank level security with full SSL encryption and PCI compliance.

No Technical Skills Required

We handle the set-up, the site management and the hosting.  As long as you know how to complete a simple form with the necessary info to get you up and running, consider yourself a "technical" rock star with Builder FLASH.


Leave The Work To Us

With our managed e-comm platform we: 

  • fully manage your online sales channel
  • link your e-commerce pages to your existing website  
  • upload your products and create product pages
  • real time order processing
  • new sale notification
  • securely process credit card payments
  • provide sales reports and analytics
  • distribute payments



All you have to do is fulfill the orders.


"Previously all of our sales relied on who would walk in our door. Now we can sell 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and still only work 5. Our sales have increased 40% since going online."

-Dan McPheareson, President, DMP Ltd

 DMP Ltd Headquarters

DMP Ltd Headquarters